Easy Living Housekeeping Services

Our Easy Living Housekeeping Service was designed for younger seniors who do not need the services of a caregiver but just need a little help at home. Our service helps not only seniors but their adult children who are overbooked in life and need a helping hand.

This service is a non-traditional housekeeping service because we do the little extras that seniors cannot often do. For instance, besides changing the bed linen, mopping the floors, and shampooing the carpets, our housekeepers change light bulbs, take out the trash, decorate the house for Christmas or holidays, wrap gifts, organize a closet or get the house ready for a move or garage sale. We do all those things that are sometimes physically draining for a senior or person recovering from surgery, illness, or rehab.

Enjoy life by crossing one more thing off your to-do list. Call Easy Living and we will do the “dirty work” for you weekly, bi-monthly, or once a month.